"At Njordrum we create aesthetic houses with

beauty integrated in every part of the process."

"At Njordrum we create aesthetic houses with beauty integrated in every part of the process."


At Njordrum we create architecture, based on the Scandinavian traditions, by providing the framework for the uniting of residents, light and nature. Homes focusing on architecture and not size. When you have light, space and a strong relation between interior and exterior, the amount of square meter is no longer essential to whether the house feels big or small.

This is our philosophy and what our concept is based upon; modular houses designed by architects - houses connecting to nature, by uniting building and nature to an architectural whole. Exterior spaces making it as natural to step outside as it is to go inside. In this way we revitalise the nordic self-understanding.

Starting from one simple module we open magnificent possibilities. The design is carefully developed and flexible for the modules to connect without compromising neither architecture nor nature.

Integrated Design

Aesthetics is the sum of the right details. The feeling of things meant for each other and being part of an intended context in both shape and function. Small and big parts are connected and with equal importance for the final balance. At Njordrum we create aesthetic homes with beauty naturally integrated in every part of the process.

We focus on choosing the right materials and combining them in the right way. To make everything appear in natural balance from inside and out linked by quality in every detail and the reflection of nature´s own perfection.

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Sustainability is about common sense. About the satisfaction of things making sense also in the long run.

At Njordrum we think sustainable in the entire life cyclus of the house. Besides choosing wood as the most sustainable building material, we have chosen to design and place the modules on a point-foundation asking for far less ressources than a traditional foundation. This also makes the house mobile with possibility to move and place in a new location if desired or required.

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