Sustainable construction

Our modular houses are built with wood as the primary resource and with the desire to challenge classic construction. The result is a flexible and scaled-down form of housing with optimal utilisation of the building's square metres and resources.

Opt for a scaled-down and sustainable housing option.

Sustainability is also about common sense. About rationality and the satisfaction of things making sense - also in the long run. At Njordrum, we think sustainably throughout the entire life cycle of the home. In addition to choosing wood, which is the most responsible and self-renewing building material in terms of resources and decomposition, our houses are built slightly above ground on screw foundations. A solution that requires far fewer resources than a cast foundation.

At the same time, the method means that the home is portable - both the house and the screw foundations can be moved and reused if the need arises. We are constantly working to make the best possible choices and enter into the right partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers who - like us - want to do things in a new and better way. Utilising past experiences to develop together in a more sustainable direction.

How to get started

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