Thought through from inside to outside

Njordrum Home is designed as a counterpoint to your busy everyday life. With the dream of bringing you closer to nature and nature closer to you.

Our design philosophy embraces holistic design, where all elements are carefully crafted to create our take on modular, moveable homes - homes where architecture, furniture and functional details such as door handles are all created for each other and in harmony with the overall concept. By adapting the design of the products we build and furnish with to our architecture, we achieve both harmony and a well-considered respect for the use of resources in the overall project.

Aesthetics is the sum of the right details. The experience that things are made for each other. That they are consciously connected in both form and function - that the smallest is crucial to the largest. We want to demonstrate a conscious effort to minimize our environmental footprint through our architecture and design of furniture, products and building components.

Our modular homes are built on a philosophy of balanced choices from the inner to the outer layers. In our concepts, we have from the start made the choice to create holistic design. This means giving shape to both the architecture and the products used to build and furnish our houses. We have set the overall framework for you to make the final decisive choices.


We have developed our product with the best of both worlds; well-engineered, prefabricated modular timber construction combined with high-quality architecture and design. Our modules are composed with great built-in flexibility and thus easily accommodate widely varying needs for the individual interior design. This makes our process short, precise, rational and competitive in terms of both schedule and economy.

Why modularity?

Introduction to our concept and the obvious advantages of building in wood, building indoors and delivering virtually finished modules to the construction site in a short time.

Query and clarification

In close dialog with the client, we clarify the basis of the project and the specific requirements for the building, including needs, schedule and finances. If desired, we can prepare an analysis and report for any existing buildings prior to work on the new project.

Outlining and concretization

A concrete outline proposal is prepared based on the initial dialog and the available basis. The project is reviewed, any changes are adjusted in place and then form the basis for pricing, quotation and contract with the contractor.

Starting up production

Most of the work is carried out in indoor production facilities that ensure a rational, safe, dry and process-optimized working environment. Quality is continuously documented and production visits can be arranged as needed.

Start of construction on the site

The site preparation work starts in time for the delivery, assembly and final completion of the prefabricated modules to take place on schedule.

Completion and delivery

As the majority of construction is carried out under the contractor's roof, work on site is limited compared to the traditional construction process. This means that the building can typically be handed over and commissioned after a short period of delivery, assembly and completion.

Our design solutions

Our product designs are products developed for houses and life in them - with a focus on form and function, honest materials and proud craftsmanship traditions. We strive to combine beautiful design with rationality and sustainability.


During the dark hours and seasons, we all rely on being able to turn on the artificial light both inside and outside. Our approach is to work with a discreet and integrated, functional lighting design without creating light pollution and at the same time creating a background for adding supplementary lamps such as pendants, floor and table lamps.

Door handle

The first physical touch is the handle - when opening the door and entering the house. And in everyday life, it's also a highly functional element that we want to be both beautiful to look at and touch. Our handles integrate one of the oldest known materials used by humans for thousands of years; birch bark. A material with a fine balance between functionality and aesthetics, and uniquely - and naturally - highly antibacterial.


With discreet reference to the rhythmic composition of the facade, our kitchen is also designed to bring a distinctive yet classic or functional detail into the look. The vertical tracks connect the entire kitchen front and can also be used to mount the specially designed handle. The Nordic WOODLANDS kitchen is designed for JKE.

Facade profile

The facade is one of the first things you notice about a house, so we wanted to give it special attention. For Bergsten Timber, we designed the unique WOODS facade profile - a profile without a backing and with differently designed fronts to create unique compositions. Made from heat-treated pine wood without any additives and with a lifespan of 30+ years.

Sustainable construction

Choose a scaled-down and sustainable form of housing. Created with a mindset of better resource utilisation.

How to get started

Create your modular house in as little as 4 months. Contact us already today.