Create space for balance in life

Njordrum Home offers modular houses with extraordinary attention to detail.

Designed to enhance your life balance from the inside out. Realize your dream home in as little as four months - built on exactly the building plot you desire. You are just five simple choices away from starting the construction of your future preferred sanctuary.

Our modular houses


Our first modular concept consisting of 48 m² units with a 24 m² outdoor space integrated into the design.


Our newest “mini” modular concept based on 14 m² units which thus offers even greater freedom of individual composition.


The base unit of our Magni™ concept here further developed to also accommodate a modular orangery.

Sustainable construction

Opt for a downsized and more sustainable housing option. Created with the mindset of better resource utilization.

How to get started

Create your modular house in as little as 4 months. Contact us already today.