Enjoy freedom together and separately with our shared summer house, Frigg™, designed with an orangery as a natural focal point.

With an exclusive orangery as a natural focal point, the shared summer house Frigg™ is created to extend the summer and make it possible to enjoy freedom, together and separately.

Live life with togetherness at the center and enjoy the quiet space when the need naturally arises

The shared summer house Frigg™ has been developed with a scalable orangery as the central living room of the residence, which makes it possible to enjoy freedom together and yet separately. The house can be built with one or more 48 m² modules in extension of the orangery.

With the modules located on either side of the orangery, the composition opens up the possibility of using the house as one large family or several families at the same time, where the orangery and the closely connected outdoor rooms form a natural setting for the active community.

The combination of the classic housing modules and the exclusive orangery with natural light helps to create a gentle transition between the interior and exterior spaces. It is at the same time helping to extend the summer and invite other seasons inside.

From 120 m² to 168 m²

The Frigg™ shared summer house consists of an orangery and two housing modules, but can be expanded with 48 m² at a time as needed. Additional housing modules can be added on either side of the orangery, coming in several variable sizes. Put together the combination that matches your sharing friendliness needs.

120 m²
168 m²

Build a modular house and save both time and resources.

We bring together the best of multiple worlds; our architecture in the well-crafted quality, with the secure and rational process from prefabricated modular construction in wood. The combination provides overview, security, and assurance for both quality, economy, and schedule from start to finish.

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Traditional construction process
4 months
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