Create a natural balance between interior and exterior space with our classic and quiet modular housing, Magni™.

With an open terrace space and the classic pitched roof as an architectural motif, the Magni™ modular house is designed to create a natural balance between interior and exterior space.

Enjoy the free space under the open sky and the close contact with the surrounding nature

The Magni™ modular house is designed with the classic pitched roof as an architectural motif, where the roof ridge at the same time forms the through-line that binds the 48 m² modules together in the finished composition.

The modules are designed to be able to rotate 180 degrees around the roof ridge to be able to orient the open terrace space of the house in the same or different directions. As more modules are built together, the interior space under the roof ridge increases.

This flexibility makes it possible to create the optimal balance between the building, the outdoor space and the location in the landscape, allowing the splendor of nature to envelop the inner and outer living spaces of the house.

From 48 m² to 192 m²

The Magni™ modular housing includes several compositional options and can be expanded with 48 m² at a time as needed. Each module has an integrated terrace of an additional 24 m². Put together the modules in the combination and size that suits your dreams for a free space.

48 m²
96 m²
144 m²
192 m²

Thoughtful from the inside to the extreme

Build a modular house and save both time and resources.

We bring together the best of multiple worlds; our architecture in the well-crafted quality, with the secure and rational process from prefabricated modular construction in wood. The combination provides overview, security, and assurance for both quality, economy, and schedule from start to finish.

Njordrum Home process
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4 months
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