Create a breeding ground for a balanced life with our modular home, Skadi™, based on the fundamentals of Small Space Living.

Built around smaller modular units, the Skadi™ modular house is based on the fundamentals of Small Space Living, where functional utilization and flexibility form the breeding ground for a balanced life.

Experience the quality and freedom of a minimalist and resource-conscious lifestyle

The Skadi™ modular house has been created with consideration for resource consumption, but without compromising on either architectural and functional qualities. The house can be erected in its simplest form of just 14 m² or in larger compositions of up to 70 m².

Each module can be broken up into more and smaller units as needed, allowing great freedom for individual composition and better functional utilization. This also makes it possible to include the outdoor space as a central part of the living room of the home.

In addition, the compact modular units have a positive impact on several practical construction facets, resulting in easier handling of everything from production to delivery and installation of the finished modular housing.

From 14 m² to 70 m²

The Skadi™ modular housing features exceptional freedom of composition and can be expanded by 14 m² at a time, as needed. Each module can be broken up into more and smaller units at will. Put together the modules in the combination that matches your dreams for a minimalist lifestyle.

14 sqm
28 sqm
42 sqm
70 sqm

Thoughtful from the inside to the extreme

Build a modular house and save both time and resources.

We bring together the best of multiple worlds; our architecture in the well-crafted quality, with the secure and rational process from prefabricated modular construction in wood. The combination provides overview, security, and assurance for both quality, economy, and schedule from start to finish.

Njordrum Home process
Traditional construction process
4 months
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